What Are The Most Popular Doughnut Flavors In Different Countries?

Do you ever wonder what flavors of doughnuts are popular around the world? From the classic glazed and chocolate frosted to more unique options like matcha and red bean, each country has its own favorite doughnut flavors. In this article, we will explore the delectable world of doughnuts and discover the most popular flavors in different countries. Get ready for a mouthwatering journey that will leave you craving a sweet treat from every corner of the globe!

North America

United States

In the United States, the most popular doughnut flavors vary from region to region. However, some flavors have gained national popularity. One of the all-time favorites is the classic glazed doughnut, which is loved for its simplicity and irresistible sweetness. Other popular flavors include chocolate, jelly-filled, and Boston cream. The United States is also known for its creative and indulgent doughnut flavors, such as maple bacon, s’mores, and cookie dough.


In Canada, doughnut flavors have a unique twist. One of the most beloved flavors is the Canadian maple, which combines the sweetness of maple syrup with the softness of a doughnut. Another popular flavor is the butter tart doughnut, inspired by the iconic Canadian butter tart pastry. Canadians also enjoy fruit-filled doughnuts, including raspberry and blueberry. Furthermore, the Tim Hortons chain in Canada has made the ‘double double’ doughnut extremely popular, which is a doughnut filled with both coffee and cream.


Mexican doughnuts, or “churros,” are a beloved treat across the country. Traditional churros are elongated, deep-fried pastries coated in cinnamon sugar. They are often enjoyed with a side of thick, rich chocolate for dipping. Mexican doughnut flavors also include fillings such as caramel, strawberry, or dulce de leche. Churros are commonly sold by street vendors and have become an iconic part of Mexican cuisine.


United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, doughnuts are a popular treat enjoyed by people of all ages. The classic jam-filled doughnut, also known as the “jammy doughnut,” is a timeless favorite. Another popular flavor is the custard-filled doughnut, typically dusted with powdered sugar. The United Kingdom is also known for its fondness of ring-shaped doughnuts made with a variety of toppings, including sugar, chocolate glaze, or even sprinkles.


France takes its doughnuts, known as “beignets,” to the next level. One of the most iconic French doughnuts is the beignet aux pommes, which is filled with a delightful apple compote. Another beloved flavor is the beignet à la crème, filled with a creamy vanilla or chocolate-flavored custard. Additionally, France is famous for its fluffy and delicate “cronuts,” a croissant-doughnut hybrid that has gained international popularity.


Germany has its own unique take on doughnuts called “Berliners.” These round, jelly-filled pastries are a staple of German cuisine. The traditional Berliner is filled with red jam, but variations with other fruit fillings are also popular. German doughnuts are often topped with powdered sugar or a sweet glaze. During the carnival season, Germans enjoy a special type of doughnut called “Fastnachtskrapfen” or “Faschingskrapfen,” which are filled with apricot jam and dusted with powdered sugar.


In Italy, doughnuts are known as “bomboloni” and are a beloved treat enjoyed throughout the country. Bomboloni are typically round, fried pastries filled with various creams, including vanilla, chocolate, or custard. The dough itself is often flavored with lemon or orange zest, adding a refreshing twist to the traditional doughnut. Bomboloni are commonly enjoyed with a dusting of powdered sugar or a drizzle of chocolate.


Spain has its own delightful doughnut variation called the “churro.” Churros in Spain are often enjoyed for breakfast or as a sweet snack throughout the day. They are long, thin, and crispy fried dough pastries, which are traditionally served with a cup of thick hot chocolate for dipping. In recent years, Spain has also seen the rise in popularity of “churros rellenos,” which are churros filled with a variety of delicious fillings, such as chocolate, dulce de leche, or cream.



In China, doughnuts are known as “youzhagui” and are a popular street food. Chinese doughnuts are typically made with a slightly chewy texture and are often twisted or shaped into knots. One of the most common flavors is the red bean paste-filled doughnut, which has a sweet and creamy center. Chinese doughnuts can also be savory, filled with ingredients like pork, green onions, or seafood. Additionally, there is a variation called “youtiao,” which is a long, deep-fried dough stick often enjoyed with porridge or soy milk for breakfast.


In Japan, doughnuts hold a special place in the hearts of many. One of the most popular flavors is the classic matcha doughnut, which features a green tea-infused dough and is often dusted with powdered sugar. Another beloved flavor is the “anpan” doughnut, which is filled with sweet red bean paste. Japan is also famous for its unique and colorful doughnuts, such as those topped with matcha glaze, sakura (cherry blossom) petals, or even decorated to resemble cute characters.

South Korea

In South Korea, doughnuts, called “goguma twigim,” are a popular street food snack. These doughnuts are made with sweet potato dough, giving them a unique texture and flavor. They are often twisted, filled with sweet potato puree, and deep-fried to perfection. South Korea also embraces modern doughnut trends, such as the popular “croissant doughnuts” filled with various creams, fruits, or chocolates. Additionally, there are unique flavors like green tea, blueberry, or yuzu (a citrus fruit) that cater to diverse taste preferences.


India’s take on doughnuts includes a delightful treat called “gulab jamun,” which is a deep-fried dough ball soaked in a fragrant sugar syrup flavored with rosewater and cardamom. While not traditionally called doughnuts, gulab jamun shares the same deep-fried, sweet characteristics loved by doughnut enthusiasts. These syrupy dough balls are often served warm and are a popular choice for festive occasions such as weddings or celebrations.



In Australia, doughnuts are commonly referred to as “donuts” and have a wide range of flavors to offer. The classic cinnamon sugar-coated donuts are a staple, loved for their simplicity and nostalgic taste. Australia also embraces unique and indulgent flavors, such as salted caramel, cookies and cream, or lemon meringue. The country is also known for its love of over-the-top doughnut creations, featuring extravagant toppings like chocolate ganache, fresh berries, or even pieces of candy bars.

New Zealand

New Zealand has its own unique doughnut culture, with a special treat called the “kiwi pavlova doughnut.” This doughnut is inspired by the beloved New Zealand dessert, the pavlova, which is a meringue-based cake topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit. The kiwi pavlova doughnut is filled with a light, marshmallow-like cream and topped with a vibrant kiwi fruit glaze. New Zealand also enjoys classic flavors like jam-filled or custard-filled doughnuts, often enjoyed as a delightful afternoon snack or dessert.

South America


In Brazil, doughnuts are called “sonhos,” which means dreams in Portuguese. These dreams are small, fluffy dough balls covered in sugar and often filled with various sweet fillings like cream, chocolate, or dulce de leche. Brazil is also known for its unique twist on doughnut flavors with the popular “pão de queijo” doughnut, which is filled with cheese. Additionally, Brazilian cuisine includes a doughnut-like treat called “acarajé,” made from black-eyed pea dough and typically filled with fried shrimp, spicy sauce, and traditional condiments.


Argentina offers its own delicious take on doughnuts with a treat called “facturas.” These doughnuts come in different shapes and flavors, with the most iconic being the “medialuna,” which translates to “half moon.” Medialunas are crescent-shaped doughnuts often enjoyed for breakfast or as a sweet snack. They can be plain or filled with ham and cheese or dulce de leche. Argentina is also famous for its “churros,” similar to the Spanish version, and often enjoyed with a cup of thick hot chocolate.


In Chile, doughnuts are loved as a sweet treat for any time of the day. The most popular type of doughnut is called “berlin,” which features a soft, fluffy texture and is typically filled with manjar, a sweet caramel spread. Some variations of the berlin include sprinkles or powdered sugar on top. Chile also enjoys a regional variation called “calzones rotos,” which are small fried dough pieces sprinkled with powdered sugar. These tasty morsels are often enjoyed as a snack or dessert.


South Africa

In South Africa, doughnuts are known as “koeksisters” and are a beloved traditional treat. Koeksisters are plaited dough strips, deep-fried, and then immersed in syrup to create a sticky, sweet coating. They are fragrant with cinnamon and sometimes flavored with lemon zest. The syrupy koeksisters are enjoyed as a delicious snack or dessert, often accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee.


In Nigeria, doughnuts are a popular street food known as “puff puff.” Puff puff is made by deep-frying a dough made from flour, sugar, yeast, and spices. The resulting doughnuts are soft, fluffy, and slightly sweet. Puff puff is often enjoyed as a snack, especially during festive occasions and celebrations. Nigeria also offers unique variations, such as “buns,” which are denser doughnuts usually flavored with nutmeg or cinnamon.


Egyptian doughnuts, or “meshabek,” are a beloved snack enjoyed across the country. Meshabek is a traditional doughnut made from a simple batter consisting of flour, yeast, milk, sugar, and a hint of cardamom. The doughnuts are deep-fried until golden brown and then coated in a generous amount of powdered sugar. These crispy and fluffy meshabek are often enjoyed alongside a cup of tea or coffee, as a delightful treat to satisfy any sweet tooth.

In conclusion, doughnuts have become a beloved treat in various countries around the world, each with its unique flavors and variations. Whether it’s the classic glazed doughnut in the United States, churros in Mexico, or gulab jamun in India, doughnuts continue to bring joy and satisfaction to people of all backgrounds and cultures. So, the next time you find yourself on a culinary adventure, don’t forget to indulge in the local doughnut flavors and experience the delightful taste of these worldwide favorites.

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